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Electronic Fire Detection and Control Systems

Electronic Fire Detection and Control System

Electronice fire detection system
  Fire detection systems provide constant monitoring and, therefore, early warning, to minimise the losses and liabilities associated with fire. This prevents damage to property and products, loss of life, financial loss, consequential loss of profit, loss of productivity and insurance repercussions. There are different types of electronic fire detection systems and accessories to suit every situation, ranging from small office installations to large scale warehousing and mining applications.

There are essentially two different types of fire detection systems: addressable systems and conventional systems. An addressable system is able to pinpoint the location of each and every detector and other devices, where a conventional system only differentiates between zones. A selection of application specific detectors can be utilised on either system. Detectors include optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, linear detectors, beam detectors, gas detectors, aspirating air sampling detectors and many more. Fire detection systems are widely used in offices, hotels, warehouses, factories and mines, to name a few.
Optical Smoke Detector Beam Detectors
Optic smoke detector Beam detector
Flame Detector Aspirating Detector
Flame detector Aspirating detector