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Portable Fire Fighting Equipment


Red Line and Sentry Fire Extinguishers

The Red Line range is a robust, high performance hand appliance used worldwide by high-risk industries such as Caltex, Exxon and BP for protection of their inland and offshore production facilities. The unit is manufactured to be used in remote areas where field-recharge does not require special tools or equipment. Due to the high quality materials and thorough engineering, we have immense confidence in the product to the extent that we offer a limited 12-year warranty. When economy and performance are equally important, stored pressure extinguishers are a viable option. Designed for light-to-medium use the Sentry extinguishers are manufactured and quality tested with the same care that Ansul puts into its rugged Red Line cartridge-operated extinguishers.   Red line and Sentry fire Extinguisher

Clean Guard Fire Extinguishers – with Dupont FE-36

Clean Guard extinguishers offer superior performance and reliability. DuPont FE-36 has replaced Halon 1211 as the choice agent where the agent must be clean, non-conductive and environmentally friendly. They are designed for the protection of commercial and industrial facilities, which previously were protected by Halon 1211. These areas generally house equipment which cannot be replaced and which could be damaged or destroyed by water, foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide. Among the areas where these extinguishers are commonly used are computer centres, data or document storage areas, communications facilities, control rooms, art galleries and laboratories.   Clean Guard Fire Extinguishers

Spill Control Equipment

In keeping our leadership role in fire protection, Ansul has also advanced the technology for controlling and cleaning up hazardous liquid spills. Ansul’s scientists and engineers have developed four specific Spill-X agents and a corresponding applicator called a Spill-Gun to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly method of treating spills that involve acids, caustics, solvents and formaldehyde.

This product range is designed and produced to the highest possible specification and is manufactured in a quality controlled environment to ISO 9002. Approvals / listings include: UL, FM, ULU, DOT, SAA, LYDS and more.
Spill control
  Spill control equipment

Wheeled/Mobile Fire Extinguishers

Wheeled fire extinguishers are specifically designed and built for the protection of hazardous areas where large fires could occur. They combine high mobility and single-person operation with increased flow rate, discharge times and ranges. They are available as both mobile and stationary units.   Mobile fire extinguisher

Standard Fire Extinguishers

  We supply and maintain all standard fire extinguishers ranging from DCP and foam to water and CO².

DCP, foam and water extinguishers are available in:

>   1.5kg
>   2.5kg
>   4.5kg
>   9kg
>   25kg
>   50kg

CO² extinguishers are available in:

>   2kg
>   5kg
  Fire extinguisher