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Water Suppression Systems

Fire sprinkler -Water Suppression System   All water suppression systems are designed and installed to industry standards and regulations.

A fire sprinkler system is a pressure-bearing fire suppression measure, consisting of a water supply system which provides adequate pressure and flow rate to fire sprinklers connected to a water distribution piping system. A fire sprinkler is the part of a fire sprinkler system that distributes water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been exceeded. Sprinkler systems are used in high rises, warehouses, shopping malls and casinos, to name only a few.
Deluge fire protection systems are engineered with water spray nozzles connected to a fire water piping system as open-ended sprinklers. The mechanical heat sensing element common to sprinkler systems is removed, and replaced by a fire detection system, engineered to be fit-for-purpose to specific areas. Common applications include power generation equipment (e.g. transformers), belt conveyors, flammable liquid storage, oil and diesel tanks and process plants. Fire suppression is achieved by the use of medium or high velocity water spray nozzles, which can be activated manually or automatically by means of hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical fire detection systems.   Deluge fire protection
Water mist fire protection   Water mist fire suppression systems operate by forcing water through micro nozzles at a very high pressure to create a water mist vapour. The extinguishing effects result in optimum protection by cooling, due to heat absorption and inerting due to the expansion of water by over 1 700 times when it evaporates. Water mist systems provide improved protection for personnel and assets while minimising potential water damage, as the majority of the water mist evaporates. Water mist systems are available for total flooding, local applications and special risk areas. We design, install and commission fire water storage tanks, fire water pumps, fire hydrants and hose reels.